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Greco-Roman World Wrestling Rankings – July 5, 2013

Greco-Roman World Wrestling Rankings – July 5, 2013



By William May

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY, Switzerland – London 2012 silver medalist Arsen JULFALAKYAN (ARM) rejoined the fray with a triumph at the Trophee Milone in June and added his name to the rankings at 74kg, already heavy with Olympic Games medals.

JULFALAKYAN joins the rankings at No.3 behind gold medalists Roman VLASOV and KIM Hyeon-Woo (KOR), who won at 66kg in London last summer.

A third Olympic Games gold medalist, Steeve GUENOT (FRA) is ranked No.11 this month after finishing with a bronze medal at the Mediterranean Games in Mersin, Turkey. GUENOT won the gold medal at 66kg in the Beijing 2008 Games and followed with a bronze in London.

Yavor YANAKIEV (BUL), a bronze medalist in Beijing, gives 74kg a sixth Olympic Games medal. The former world champion, who has not wrestled in a FILA event since March, slipped from fourth place in the rankings to seventh.

Other notable newcomers to the FILA rankings this month are: Roman AMOYAN (ARM), a Beijing 2008 bronze medalist at 55kg; Damian JANIKOWSKI (POL), a London 2012 bronze medalist at 84kg; and Aleksandr KAZAKEVICH (LTU), who won a bronze in London at 74kg but is now wrestling at 84kg.

Meanwhile, Melonin NOUMONVI (FRA) has moved up to 96kg where he recently won the gold medal at the Mediterranean Games after finishing third in the European championships. NOUMONVI has finished in fifth at 84kg at the last two Olympic Games — in both cases, one win shy of a medal.

The rankings are listed by name, country code, most recent or most notable result this year, and the wrestler’s ranking in June.

55kg – European champion Elbek TAZHYIEV (BLR) stopped London 2012 bronze medalist Peter MODOS (HUN), 3-0 to win the Grand Prix of Germany title and reaffirm his position as the top bantamweight in FILA’s Greco-Roman World Rankings.

Roman AMOYAN (ARM), meanwhile, broke into the rankings after finishing third in the Trophee Milone at 60kg and then winning the Azovmash Cup crown at 55kg in Ukraine.

60kg – Asia champion Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) takes over the top spot from Ivo ANGELOV (BUL) with a runner-up showing in the Azovmash Cup. ANGELOV has not shown up on the wrestling radar since winning the European crown in March.

At No.15, Mouatez DJEDIAT (ALG) becomes Algeria’s first wrestler to be listed in the FILA World Rankings with bronze medals in the Mediterranean Games and the Trophee Milone, after a silver medal in the African championships.

66kg – Atakan YUKSEL (TUR) made a big jump to No.3 following a third place in the Trophee Milone and a gold medal at the Mediterranean Games in Mersin, Turkey.

Frank STAEBLER (GER) returned to action after finishing fifth at the London 2012 Olympic Games to defend his German Grand Prix title and move into 14th in the rankings. Sasun GHAMBARYAN (ARM) took his second title of the season at the Trophee Milone for the final spot in the rankings.

74kg – Emrah KUS (TUR), who lost to Olympic silver medalist Arsen JULFALAKYAN at the Trophee Milone, won at the Mediterranean Games to join the rankings at No.4 and ahead of Vehbi Emre winner Seref TUFENK (TUR).

Neven ZUGAJ (CRO), last year’s Mediterranean champion, moved into the top 10 with a silver medal at the Mediterranean Games after edging Olympic multi-medalist Steeve GUENOT (FRA), 2-0 (1-0, 1-0) in the Mersin semifinals.

84kg – Two-time former world champion Selcuk CEBI (TUR) won the Trophee Milone in June along with the gold medal at the Mediterranean Games to push past Alexej MISHIN (RUS) for the top spot at 84kg.

London 2012 bronze medalist Damian JANIKOWSKI (POL) won the Azovmash Cup over local favorite and fellow Olympian Vasil RACHYBA (UKR) for the No.5 spot in the rankings.

96kg – Dimitri TIMCHENKO (UKR) won the Azovmash Cup in the middle of June and came back two weeks later to win German Grand Prix, lifting him from the unranked to the No.6 position.

London 2012 bronze medalist Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) defeated second-ranked Cenk ILDEM (TUR), 2-0 (2-0, 2-0), to win the Trophee Milone title and tighten his grip on the top spot in the 96kg rankings.

120kg – European champion Riza KAYAALP (TUR) cruised to the heavyweight title in the Mediterranean Games for his third title of the year and Johan Magnus EUREN (SWE) won his third event in two months at the German Grand Prix to climb into second place in the rankings.

KAYAALP and EUREN were the two bronze medalists at 120kg at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Aleksander CHERNETSKI (UKR) lost to EUREN in the Avozmash Cup finals in mid-June and in the quarterfinals of the German Grand Prix, but earned a place in the rankings at No.7.

1Elbek TAZHYIEVBelarus1
2Elchin ALIYEVAzerbaijan2
3Ivan TATARINOVRussia5
4Bekhan MANKIEVRussia3
5Roman AMOYANArmeniaNR
6Fatih UCUNCUTurkey9
7CHOI Gyu-JinKorea4
8Peter MODOSHungary13
9Shota TANOKURAJapan6
10Victor CIOBANUMoldova14
11Shirzad BEHESHTI TALAIran7
12Zhanserik SARSENBAEVKazakhstan12
13Spenser MANGOUnited States8
14YUN Won-CholDem. People's Rep. of Korea10
15Kanybek ZHOLCHUBEKOVKyrgyzstan11
1Elmurat TASMURADOVUzbekistan2
2Ivo ANGELOVBulgaria1
3Ivan KUYLAKOVRussia3
4Kristijan FRISSerbia7
5Mevlut ARIKTurkeyNR
7Kamran MAMMADOVAzerbaijan6
8Lenur TEMIROVUkraine5
9Istvan LEVAISlovakia4
10Istvan KOZAKHungary14
12Mohammad NOURBAKHSHIran15
13Almat KEBISPAYEVKazakhstan10
14Edward BARSEGJANPolandNR
15Mouatez DJEDIATAlgeriaNR
1Tamas LORINCZHungary1
2Adam KURAKRussia2
3Atakan YUKSELTurkey9
4Aleksandar MAKSIMOVICSerbiaNR
5Hasan ALIYEVAzerbaijan3
6KIM Ji-HunKorea4
7Dominik ETLINGERCroatia12
8Alexander CASAL HINOJOSACuba5
9Artak MARGARYANFrance15
10Yerbol KONYRATOVKazakhstan10
11Davor STEFANEKSerbia11
12Islambek ALBIEVRussia13
13Rasul CHUNAYEVAzerbaijan6
14Frank STAEBLERGermanyNR
1Roman VLASOVRussia1
2KIM Hyeon-WooKorea2
4Emrah KUSTurkeyNR
5Seref TUFENKTurkey8
7Yavor YANAKIEVBulgaria4
9Neven ZUGAJCroatia12
10Mark MADSENDenmark9
11Steeve GUENOTFranceNR
12Bozo STARCEVICCroatia6
15Zied AYT OKRAMETunisia15
1Selcuk CEBITurkey2
2Alexej MISHINRussia1
4Vladimir GEGESHIDZEGeorgia4
6Rustam ASSAKALOVUzbekistan6
7Viktor LORINCZHungary12
8Aleksandr KAZAKEVICHLithuaniaNR
9Alan KHUGAEVRussia10
10Artur SHAHINYANArmenia5
11Vasil RACHYBAUkraineNR
12PARK Jin-SungKorea7
13Taleb Nariman NEMATPOURIran8
14Jordan HOLMUnited States11
15Haykel ACHOURITunisia15
1Artur ALEKSANYANArmenia1
2Cenk ILDEMTurkey2
3Nikita MELNIKOVRussia4
4Villius LAURINAITISLithuania5
5Rustam TOTROVRussia3
6Dimitri TIMCHENKOUkraineNR
7Mikhail KAJAIAGeorgia6
8Balasz KISSHungary7
9Yasmany Daniel LUGO CABRERACuba8
10AN Chang-GunKorea9
11Yerulan ISAKOVKazakhstan11
12Vladislav METODIEVBulgaria10
13Melonin NOUMONVIFranceNR
14Marthin NIELSENNorwayNR
15Timo KALLIOFinlandNR
1Riza KAYAALPTurkey1
2Johan Magnus EURENSweden6
3Evgeni ORLOVUkraine2
4Nurmakhan TINALIEVKazakhstan3
5NIE XiaomingChina4
6Guram PHERSELIDZEGeorgia5
7Aleksander CHERNETSKIUkraineNR
8Mindaugas MIZGAITISLithuania7
9Balint LAMHungaryNR
10Iosif CHUGOSHVILIBelarus9
11Emin OZTURKTurkey12
12Alikhan AYUBOVRussiaNR
13Kamil BLONSKIPolandNR
14Radhouane CHEBBITunisia15
15Rocco FICARAItalyNR

About the Rankings
William May has been active in wrestling across three continents for more than 40 years as a competitor, coach, referee and journalist. William wrestled with the Minnesota Wrestling Club (USA) in the early 1970s and went to Japan as an English teacher and later a sportswriter for 16 years with the Kyodo News Service in Tokyo. In Japan, William continued to wrestle and coach at Kokushikan University in Tokyo. He also collaborated with the magazine, Japanese Wrestling Monthly, and later the website of the Japan Wrestling Federation. In 2002, William moved to Czech Republic where he teaches English, writes for the JWF website, and coaches at a local wrestling club in Kladno. In 2008 and 2012, William worked as the “Sports Information Specialist” for wrestling at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games. He can be reached on his Facebook page or by email, wm4wr@outlook.com .

About FILA
FILA, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, is the global governing body of the sport of wrestling. It works to promote the sport and facilitate the activities of its 177 national federations from around the world. It is based in Vevey, Switzerland.

To learn more about FILA’s campaign to keep wrestling in the Olympic Games visit its official website, http://www.fila-official.com/; Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/fila.official, or Twitter handle, @FILA_Official.

(For more information please contact FILA at 41.21 312 84 26 or Bob Condron, Press Officer, condron@fila-wrestling.com)

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