FILA publishes official rules


The new Wrestling Rules approved by the FILA Bureau and presented at the FILA Extraordinary Congress in Moscow (18th May 2013) are available hereunder.

The modifications concern mainly:

1. The time and periods of the bout (2×3 minutes)

2. Cumulative score instead of the best-of-three-format

3. Procedure for passivity (the rules governing Greco-Roman and Freestyle are distinctly different)

4. Points for take down

As per decision by the FILA Bureau and the Extraordinary Congress, these modifications are enforced immediately in all competitions.

Downloadable PDF

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  1. silverpie says:

    These are not quite the same as what’s been in use the past month or so. In particular, the tech-fall margin (described as 10 for freestyle and 7 for greco) is actually 7 for both styles. In addition, a 5 or double-3 is also a tech-fall, provided the executor thereof has the lead (it is ambiguous whether the two threes have to be in the same period). And cautions do remain the first criterion for a tie-break (best hold second, last point third, decision in Greco fourth). All of these statements are valid according to both the English and French texts.

  2. Jason Bryant says:

    I’m kind of disappointed myself if these actually stand true. I guess looking at the results from around the world with the spirit of the rule isn’t important. Shaking my head.

  3. silverpie says:

    My theory is that somebody botched the editing, and released an intermediate version instead of what was actually intended. (I also note that in the tournament system, it still has the non-seeded draw procedure.)

    That said, either way, the level of competence displayed is depressingly low.

  4. [...] on the 42-page document (available here), we went from a wide-open, wrestling-centric system of rules that were throwbacks to the pre-2004 [...]


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